The Latest in Sports Science with Parisi Speed School

Results U is leveraging the latest in sports science through our relationship with the Parisi Speed School’s exercise methods. We address the three aspects of speed in our Speed School:


This works on the athlete’s ability to get to their top speed in the shortest amount of distance or time possible.

Top Speed

The athlete’s ability to hold that maximum speed over an extended distance.

Change of Direction

The athlete’s ability to move in one direction, stop, and re-accelerate in another direction without losing balance or speed.

Training For Youth Through Pro Level

To get started in our Speed School, make an appointment with our trainers for a free fitness evaluation. We’ll run the athlete through a series of tests such as the 10-yard dash, vertical jumps, chin-ups, and more. These exercise tests will measure things like endurance, core strength, speed, and agility. This will tell our trainers where the athlete currently is with their abilities and what they need to do in order to reach their exercise goals. This fitness evaluation is free for all ages and will help you and your sports trainer create a personalized gym workout plan that helps you achieve your goals. Our Speed School gym workout program is available from ages 7 through adult pro-level athletes.

Team Camps for Total Team Training

We offer team camps too! If you are a coach who wants to see some more explosive speed out of your team, set up a team camp with our Speed School personal trainers. We’ll work with your entire team through various gym workout exercises designed to build their acceleration, top speed, and change of direction so you have a faster, more agile team that’s ready to win out on the field. Our experienced trainers know how to provide individualized training while engaging the entire team in the gym workout and helping them push their limits through every exercise.

Interested in our Speed School? Get in touch with Results U in Edgewater to get started today.