1. Is Your Diet Affecting Your Workout?

    How Diet Affects Workouts Hello healthy and fit folks, welcome back! If you’re new, The Results U is an all encompassing gym located here in Annapolis that focuses on people who want to see results. However, what people may not know is that results look very different to everybody! Our goal as a health and fitness center is to help you on the road to success and to get you to your goals. As you …Read More

  2. Endurance Exercises for Runners

    Try Out these Exercises to become a Better Runner Running is the foundation of all sports and is one of the most popular methods of cardio. When you become more skilled in running, whether it be speed or distance, you subsequently become more skilled in other athletic activities. If you’re a soccer player, you’ll know that the more you’re able to run without becoming tired, the better your g…Read More

  3. Ways to Prevent Injuries

    Here are some easy ways to prevent an athletic injury The bane of any athlete, lifter, or fit person is the unfortunate circumstance of an injury. Athletic injuries can spur up at any moment and can take months to fully heal. Once you sustain an injury, whether it be acute or due to overuse, the healing process could impede your goals and put you on the couch for longer than you’d like. While in…Read More

  4. Dynamic Stretching vs Static Stretching

    The pros and cons of dynamic and static stretching! If you're an athlete of any sorts, then you’ve probably been lectured time after time by coaches, personal trainers, and your middle school P.E. instructor to stretch, stretch, STRETCH before you workout. So, before every bout of physical activity, you touch your toes, do a few arm circles, and you’re good to go, right? Maybe not. Stretching,…Read More

  5. Let’s Talk Personal Trainer: The Benefits

    Reasons to Consult a Personal Trainer Health and fitness goals vary wildly across the board. With some people wanting to get that coveted Boston Qualifier and others just wanting to shed a few pounds after a summer of too much beer (we don’t judge), it’s almost impossible to create a fitness plan that serves everyone's needs equally. Luckily, the Results U has an amazing staff of personal trai…Read More

  6. Why Fitness is Important

    If you’ve watched any of the kid-specific TV channels lately, you’ve likely heard at least one commercial with a celebrity inciting kids to get up and go outside to play. That probably feels pretty counterintuitive for TV stations that earn their money through advertising and viewership. However, those infomercials are slipped in with all the advertisements because, even though it’s not a gr…Read More

  7. Weight Loss Plans: Gym Versus Nutrition

    When embarking on a new weight loss or fitness plan, there are a ton of factors to consider, which can make the whole process of getting started feel overwhelming. So many fitness novices pick out a gym, only to fizzle and stop working out within weeks because they get overwhelmed with choices to make and lack the information to make those decisions well. This can include everything from picking a…Read More

  8. Beginner’s Guide to Running

    Think you have what it takes to be a runner? Follow this guide. Running: the activity that you love to hate. It’s easy to feel intimidated by running for a variety of reasons, including a lack of experience. This feeling of intimidation leads many people to shy away from this type of workout. Thus, they miss out on all of the physical and mental health benefits that runners gain from running. If…Read More

  9. The Vegetarian Athlete: Dos and Dont’s

    If think going vegetarian will make you weak, guess again. The number one priority of most athletes is to crush fitness goals. With this in mind, most dedicated athletes likely dismiss the idea of going vegetarian for fear of a lack of nutrition or protein. Unfortunately, what many people don’t seem to realize is that, if done properly, adopting a vegetarian lifestyle could help athletes of all …Read More

  10. Should You Hire a Personal Trainer?

    How often have you flipped through a magazine and thought, “I could look that good if I had the time and money to work out as much as that celebrity does”? Working full time, either in or outside the home, plus your children’s activities, your social duties, and all those other adulthood necessities make it feel impossible to even get to the gym most days, let alone take the hours and hours …Read More