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How can we at The Results U change your life?

Since 1999 I have dedicated my life to building a team that will support you and or your family’s lives.

Our goal is to give you an experience that no other coaching, training , or normal health club can provide.

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Welcome to the Anti-Gym

You, your family, and your fitness goals will be treated with respect. At Results U, our team of coaches have dedicated themselves to becoming fitness and nutrition professionals and making sure your prescribed fitness plan is executed at the highest level.


Your Top Rated Local® Fitness Center

We have adult and youth programs, so whether you are trying to shed the winter weight or training for a sport, we can help you achieve your fitness goals and we will make sure you have fun doing it.

For over 17 years, Results U has helped people lose weight, move more, and feel their best. Our clients trust us to change their lives and we don’t take that lightly. We have grown a community of people–just like you–who count on us to help meet their ever-evolving fitness goals.

Our programs will help you achieve your fitness goals whether you are trying to lose weight, get stronger, move faster, or jump higher, we are here to help. Give us a call and we will get a fitness plan put together that will ensure you hit your health and fitness goals.

We have the science and the the experience to help you achieve any fitness goal you have. Our staff is knowledgeable and here to help you with nutrition, lifting techniques, and anything else you need help with. Give us a call and talk to one of our staff members to see for yourself.

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We are hell-bent on changing the fitness industry. For good. Forever.

Welcome to Results U – the final stop on your health and fitness journey.

For the last 30 years, traditional gyms and health clubs have lured people in with low prices and empty promises. We think that’s wrong–YOU DESERVE BETTER.

75 percent of people who join health clubs in January don’t attend on a regular basis or end up cancelling their gym membership by the end of March.

We want you to feel your best. We don’t want you wondering if it’s possible.

Support that goes beyond your coaching session

We get it. Having a fitness coach helps you get through the workout – but what do you do when you need a little extra nutrition or fitness support? Opt-in to join our online community.

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